Who needs a beachside resort or a water park when all the fun you could ever want is right in your own backyard? Paradise Patio, Pool, & Spa has all the games and pool furniture you need to turn your outdoor living space into a playground – or your very own pleasure island!

Your kids only get a precious few worry-free summers before they’re all grown up. Treat them to a childhood they’ll treasure for the rest of their lives with our great collection of poolside games and activities! Kids adore our giant checkers and dominos (the stuff of lantern-lit family game nights). They also enjoy the broad variety of toys they can take inside the pool. They’ll spend so much time in the water that you’ll swear you’re raising a pack of otters!

But don’t let the kids have all the fun. You’ll love our wide selection of pool furniture, which lets you relax in the water even when you don’t feel like swimming. We proudly carry in-pool and outdoor furniture by Ledge Lounger. Ledge Lounger’s stylish yet functional pieces can also be found at five-star resorts worldwide.

Add a submergible chaise lounge to the shallow end of your pool, and you may just never want to get out. Or set up a row of barstools and treat your friends and family to a round of Tom Collins cocktails. And what Midwestern gathering is complete without a round of cornhole? That rhythmic thunk of beanbags is South Dakota’s unofficial summer anthem!

If it means poolside leisure, Paradise Patio, Pool, & Spa has it in stock!