A pool is never “just a pool.” It can be an ultimate backyard party zone, where the nightlife is even livelier than downtown Sioux Falls has to offer. It can be a quality family bonding spot, so long as everyone understands that dad is exempt from Super Soakers while he’s grilling. Or it can be a shut away island of solitude, where you go to swim laps, tan, and contemplate all of life’s biggest questions, such as how you can make your swimming pool in Sioux Falls even more fun and more interesting.

But a pool is never “just a pool.” And beside that point, making your swimming pool more fun and more interesting is easy. Just add one of the five best pool water features and you’ll have much, much more than just a pool.

1. Fountains

Do you want your backyard pool to look almost as impressive as the Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas? Then all you have to do is install at least one fountain!

A fountain is any pool feature that launches water upward. It looks pretty and adds depth to an otherwise large and flat surface. It’s especially pretty when it is illuminated: a pulsing cone of red, blue, pink, purple, or all of the above sprinkling up into the night sky.

A pool fountain isn’t just peak aesthetics. It will help keep your water cooler by aerating it. It will promote better water circulation by stirring it around a little. And if it is encountered by a young child, big fun is bound to ensue.

Pool fountains are also pleasing to the ears. That constant hushed tinkle makes an incredible auditory backdrop while you’re just living the patio life. But if you want an even nicer sound, then you need…

2. Waterfalls

A pool waterfall gives off even more ambient water noise than a fountain, which makes it an especially savvy backyard addition if you live in a somewhat noisier neighborhood. And get this: hard science suggests that listening to water sounds can actually help you feel calmer. Not exactly something we needed science to confirm. Even so, calmness does feel nice.

The waterfall is the king of pool upgrades: visually impressive, fun to play around, and satisfying to chill out under. It will help cool and circulate your water even more effectively than a fountain. It’s also easy to incorporate a waterfall feature into any existing in-ground pool. Customize your pool with a wide variety of waterfalls, like a natural-style rock formation that would fit right in at the Black Hills, or a rain curtain which drops a continuous, vertical sheet of clear water.

3. Massage Jets

Your in-ground pool should already have jets. They are crucial to circulation, as they ensure that chlorine and other antibiotic chemicals access every cubic inch of the water.

But jets aren’t strictly business. If you upgrade to massage jets, you can have a special spot in your pool that always gives out soothing neck and back bubble-rubs. It’s like the hot tub experience – in a pool. Did you know that hydrotherapy relaxes tense muscles, relieves joint pain, and promotes a greater overall state of mental well-being? Food for thought!

4. Deck Jets

Deck jets are installed above the pool’s water line – in the deck, or the coping – where they shoot never-ending beams of water into the nearby pool. Pool jets can arch up to 4 or 5 feet upward without breaking the flow of water, and then gracefully descend until they make a nice noise, promote better aeration and circulation, and splash frolicking children.

Deck jets are an affordable way to give a pool a lot more style. They can be illuminated just like fountains, so you’ll really be able to custom design a jaw-droppingly beautiful one-of-a-kind pool. If you’re creating a Greco, Roman or other classical theme at your pool, then you’ll love what a deck jet can do when it’s installed in an animal statue’s mouth or a human statue’s water pitcher.

5. Water Slides

We’re not talking about just any old pool slides. We’re talking about water slides, which cool swimmers down, treat them to thrilling plummets, and protect their sensitive backs and fannies against friction.

We couldn’t dig up any scientific evidence for the health benefits of waterslides. You’d think the World Waterpark Association would have funded that research by now. At least climbing the steps counts as light cardio.

Backyard water slides aren’t about health, anyway. They are all about summertime fun, and are available in a wide range of shapes and styles that will suit any family’s pool improvement budget.

Would you like to add some thrilling water features to your pool? Or would you like to build a pool that includes thrilling water features from day one? Then you only need to contact Paradise Patio, Pool & Spa of Sioux Falls, SD to get started – or stop by our store at 1200 W 41st St. It’s never a bad time of year to start planning pool construction and upgrades!