Have you chosen to add a pool to your home? Good choice! Unsurpassable summer fun will soon belong to you and your family. Your lawn will become the greater Sioux Falls, SD area’s best spot for barbecues. Your kids’ swimming skills will rival those of Navy SEALS. Even your family dog will love it. (Your family cat will remain indifferent, but that is just how cats are.)


But not so fast! Once you’ve chosen to add a pool, your next choice is a big one. Will your pool be above-ground – or in-ground? Both represent their own distinct advantages and disadvantages when it comes to their costs, installation, maintenance and lifespans. You’ll know all of them once you’ve read this brief yet expertly written article.


Above-Ground Pools: Pros


+ Price – Many people are drawn to above-ground pools because they are significantly more affordable than the alternative. A very large and feature-laden above-ground pool may still cost a few thousand dollars, although its price tag would still be dramatically lower than a comparable in-ground pool.


+ Installation – Although it is feasible to put one in the ground, an above-ground pool’s primary advantage is that its installation does not require any costly excavation. In addition to avoiding the need for a backhoe, you will enjoy a fast and straightforward installation. With a little help from your friends or family members, you can set up your own above-ground pool in a matter of days or even hours. 


+ Maintenance – An above-ground pool won’t just spare you the hassle of regularly replacing a liner or repairing a pump. Because its rim is situated several feet above ground, an above-ground pool also accumulates significantly less dirt and debris. Better yet, pets and wild animals both have a much harder time accessing an above-ground pool.


+ Versatility – An above-ground pool requires significantly less space, which may make it the only feasible option if you have a smaller backyard. Above-ground pools also fit perfectly alongside a patio, deck, or other smaller outdoor living space which couldn’t possibly accommodate an in-ground pool.


Above-Ground Pools: Cons


– Durability – An above-ground pool’s exposure to the elements makes it far more susceptible to damage from wind, snow and rain. If it is flimsy enough, a careless child or clueless dog could cause an above-ground pool to instantly empty its contents into the surrounding yard.


Aesthetics – We wouldn’t go so far as to call an above-ground pool “ugly.” A little clever landscaping can make it look like a natural addition to your yard. That said, even the most optimistic proponent for above-ground pools could not argue that they look as nice as in-ground ones.


Size – Above-ground pools aren’t objectively small. A round one can be over 30′ in diameter, and an oval one can reach over 40′ long. That’s still nothing in comparison to an in-ground pool, however, which can have any dimensions.


In-Ground Pools: Pros


+ Durability – An in-ground pool is constructed from sturdy materials such as concrete, vinyl and fiberglass. Naturally, it is also sunken into the ground where heavy snowfall and violent gusts of wind can have no real effect on it. These natural phenomena aren’t rare in the Midwest, which makes an in-ground pool’s superior durability quite attractive here.


+ Aesthetics – An in-ground pool can be designed to perfectly match the layout of any backyard, and its low profile preserves the surrounding landscape. An above-ground pool is incomparably more intrusive by comparison.


+ Size – In-ground pools do not have size restrictions. If not for certain obstacles such as private property and zoning laws, you could theoretically build one that stretches from Maine to California. So long as your backyard is large enough, your new in-ground pool can easily accommodate as many guests as you could invite over.


+ Value – According to the National Association of Realtors, adding an in-ground pool to your home can increase your property value by 7%. To be certain, you will not recoup all of the money you spent on your pool should you ever decide to sell your home, although it is reassuring to know that you can expect some return on your investment.


In-Ground Pools: Cons


Price – There is no more direct way to say it: In-ground pools are substantially more expensive than above-ground ones. Excavation, concrete pouring and liner installation all make an in-ground pool far more labor-intensive. Professional in-ground pool installation cannot cost less than several thousand dollars.


Installation – In-ground pool installation can take weeks – or even months, in the cases of very large pools. You may still enjoy full use of your in-ground pool during the coming summer if you commence installation during the spring or fall!


Maintenance – In-ground pools’ liners and pumps require regular replacement and repair. And because it typically sits below grade, an in-ground pool’s water also becomes dirtier more quickly.


Ultimately, the best swimming pool for your home depends entirely on your budget and preferences. If you would like the more economical option, then you’ll necessarily prefer an above-ground pool. But if you’re willing to pay more for greater aesthetics and durability, you will find greater value in an above-ground pool.

If you would like to learn more about the relative pros and cons of in-ground and above-ground pools, then we welcome you to contact Paradise Patio, Pool & Spa today. As the greater Sioux Falls area’s premier in-ground pool installation, service and maintenance provider, we’re qualified to answer any questions you might have!