Everyone loves cheeseburgers. But what is a cheeseburger without the fries, soda and little plastic toy that comes with the meal?

Everyone loves swimming pools, too. But just like a cheeseburger, a home swimming pool needs a few important toys and accessories to elevate it to perfection. In this article, we will detail some of our very favorites. Hopefully, they will inspire you to turn your already gorgeous backyard pool into a veritable paradise!


Mini Slide

Gliding down into the waiting clear water of a home pool is fun for all ages. Still, many pool owners do not want slides. They can be tall enough to interrupt the visual flow of a backyard, and they can also be dangerous to small children who have not yet mastered the art of not falling off of things.

Ledge Lounger offers the perfect solution with their Signature Slide. It requires no permanent installation and is light enough to be moved by hand. It can be placed in the water, next to at least 12 inches of water, and even out of the water. Its small size and nine available colors make the Signature Slide an unobtrusive addition to any landscaping. And best of all, even supervised babies can enjoy the short steps up the Signature Slide!


Outdoor Ping-Pong Table

Few activities get so rousing as a good old-fashioned match of poolside ping-pong. It’s extra fun when the player who accidentally slaps the ball into the pool has to jump in after it!

Unfortunately, your standard regulation wooden ping-pong table doesn’t stand a chance against rain. But Ledge Lounger’s high-density polyethylene ping-pong table is designed to withstand outdoor conditions without splintering, swelling, warping, or fading. The table’s special trays house the paddles and balls you need to play, and its net is detachable for when you want to turn the ping-pong table into a dining table.

Would this fine ping-pong table also make a fine beer pong table? Well, it’s 8 feet long, spill-proof, and it has built-in bottle openers. Seems like Ledge Lounger thought of everything!


Laze Pillow Float

Everyone loves floating around in their pool. But blowing up a big inflatable lounge chair? Just the thought of it takes our breath away. And those inflatables are bound to get leaks whenever children have anything to do with the pool.

The Laze Pillow by Ledge Lounger solves everything. The big, comfy pillow is essentially a floating mattress, and to use it you only have to unbox it. The American-made pool pillow is machine washable and bleachable, available in a wide range of patterns and colors, and buoyant enough to hold you and your dog.


Mainstay Bar Credenza

Indoor entertainment centers may have peaked during the ’90s, but outdoor entertainment centers are the wave of the future! The Mainstay Bar Credenza doesn’t just have a built-in TV mount, but it also has storage for the accessories you need to tend the bar. In addition, it features a wireless phone charger, multiple electrical outlet options for other appliances, and a built-in cord feeder that will keep your poolside patio looking neat and tidy. The mini-fridge even comes included.

Like Ledge Lounger’s ping-pong table, their Mainstay Bar Credenza is made of weather-resistant high-density polyethylene. It’s rated UV16, which means it will resist fading for over 10 years of exposure to direct sunlight. And with 15 available solid and natural wood colors to choose from, you’re guaranteed an exciting piece of pool furniture that will match your aesthetic.



We couldn’t very well call ourselves Midwesterners if we didn’t recommend poolside cornhole. The rhythmic thunks of bean bags are practically the backyard summer anthem!

Ledge Lounger’s cornhole set is impressively weather-resistant, available in a variety of colors and with optional custom engraving, and comes with everything you need to start tossing bags! A single Ledge Lounger cornhole board weighs less than 25 pounds, so even little kids can put them away when they’re finished playing. They probably won’t, but it’s nice to know it’s at least possible.


Are you shopping for pool toys and accessories in the greater Sioux Falls, SD area? Contact or stop by Paradise Patio, Pool & Spa today! We’ve got all your summer fun accessories in stock or available for special order. You may not have suspected while reading this article that we are a proud Ledge Lounger dealer – but we are!