You don’t need a construction crew to transform your outdoor living space. A little light landscaping here, a few new pieces of furniture there, and you’ll have yourself a backyard, poolside, deck or patio where you’re delighted to spend your time. Here are just a few of the ways you can enhance your outdoor living space today!


Light Your Outdoor Space

If your home has an exterior outlet, then you have everything you need to get creative with your outdoor lighting. Hang a chandelier from a nearby branch, dangle strings of lights from an arbor or pergola, or suspend a few pendant lights just above your dining table. If you would like to take a less technological approach to lighting your patio, build a cheap firepit with fire bricks and retaining wall blocks.


Create Separate Living Spaces

Compartmentalizing separate parts of your patio into multiple distinctive areas will let you experience different vibes while you’re relaxing with friends and family. For walls use arbors, potted hedges, fence posts or lattice screens. For ceilings use pergolas, lawn umbrellas, canvas canopies and awnings. Laying different types of pavers also really helps to divide up a patio!


Install a Fountain

An outdoor fountain doesn’t have to be some impressive and expensive thing. Even a modest garden fountain can attract pretty birds, create a more calming ambiance, and drown out unwanted noise from neighbors and nearby roads. Feng shui proponents believe that flowing water attracts beneficial energy to a living space – and we could certainly all do with more beneficial energy.


Add New Furniture

Nothing spruces up an outdoor living space quicker than the addition of a few choice pieces of furniture. For patio furniture Sioux Falls residents need only turn to Paradise Patio, Pool & Spa, as we offer Woodard’s complete line of comfortable, durable and American-made products. Woodard’s wide selection of tables, fire tables, seating, umbrellas and throw pillows lets you furnish the outdoor living space of your dreams!


Add Potted Plants

Any extra greenery is going to bring your outdoor space a little closer to Eden. But so long as you’re adding a few planters, why not choose plants which help to repel mosquitoes? Flowers such as giant allium, bee balm and lavender will all add a splash of color to your backyard, and herbs like peppermint, sage, thyme and basil will also repel mosquitoes (until you pick and eat them).


Heat Things Up

Thanks to portable smokeless firepits like the Solo Stove Bonfire, it’s safe and easy to toast marshmallows right on your deck. But not all outdoor heat must come from open flames. If you would like to make greater use of your outdoor living space without having to feed an open fire, then a simple electric or natural gas patio heater will keep you comfy on chilly evenings.


Paradise Patio, Pool & Spa is the greater Sioux Falls, SD area’s source for all things outdoor living. If you’re furnishing your deck, patio or poolside, then we welcome you to visit our store near downtown or contact us today!