Julius Caesar. Betsy Ross. Albert Einstein. Sammy Hagar. What did these historic figures share in common? That’s right – they all had matching pools and hot tubs. (Source: Magic 8 Ball we bought at Big Lots before it became an Aldi.)

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a luminary to enjoy peak aesthetics in your backyard. Matching your new spa or hot tub to the existing design of your pool is easy. Will you become an expert on the subject after reading this short yet informative article? Signs point to yes!

Match the Shape of Your Hot Tub to Your Pool

Matching pool designs with spa designs starts with complimentary shapes. For example, if your pool is round or has rounded edges, then a spa with a barrel-style tub will perfectly accompany it. The Dimension One Spas Journey is a perfect example of a round spa – an ideal hangout spot, where everyone faces each other during the ultimate relaxation experience.

Got a square pool? Then a square spa like the Latitude will look right at home alongside it. A rectangular pool? Then it’s pretty much begging for a matching Serenade! A triangular pool? Then we’re sure hot tub scientists will one day develop a triangular tub just for you.

Match the Cabinet Color of Your Hot Tub to Your Pool

Driftwood gray. Vintage cedar. Midnight maple. It is highly unlikely that your pool deck or liner will match one of these stylish cabinet color options from Dimension One Spas exactly.
But no worries. While matching your spa to your pool, it’s recommended that you look beyond the pool itself. If a spa matches your patio furniture, your landscaping’s trees, or even your home’s siding, then it’s all but certain to elevate the ambiance of your backyard Xanadu.

Match the Shell Color of Your Hot Tub to Your Pool

A spa’s rotomolded plastic shell is available in a wide range of colors. For example, Dimension One Spas offers ultralife white, ultralife gray, moonstone, desert stone and smoked marble. Although none of these shell colors may create a perfect one-to-one match to your pool’s liner, one of them is certain to look very nice next to its deck or surrounding hardscaping.

Match the Rail Finish of Your Hot Tub to Your Pool

Pool rails are available in a wide range of finishes. Whether yours are stainless steel, shiny aluminum or jet black, you’re certain to find a perfect match to accompany your hot tub. Pool and hot tub railings are relatively easy to replace, which makes matching railings an accessible update if you’re trying to create a more cohesive outdoor living space on a budget.

Update Your Poolscaping

Poolscaping. It’s like landscaping – but for pools. If you haven’t yet planted a few pretty trees and flowers around your pool, then winter is the perfect time to start planning a big poolscaping project. Make sure it includes the area surrounding your spa as well!

If you already have poolscaping, then you have less work ahead of you. Simply incorporate the same design elements into the space around your spa, and your backyard’s aesthetics will achieve consistency that you previously hadn’t thought possible.

Matching your hot tub to your pool becomes even easier once you’ve engaged the expertise of Paradise Patio, Pool & Spa. If you need help attaining your vision for a gorgeous and relaxing backyard haven in the greater Sioux Falls, SD area, then we welcome you to contact us today!