The continental climate. It is the best climate, because it is the one we all enjoy here together in the greater Sioux Falls, SD area. The continental climate gives us four beautiful seasons, two different types of fishing, and one objective: enjoy as much time outdoors as possible. The continental climate is a surly mistress, and sends weather that keeps us inside all too often.

But you? You’re way ahead of the curve. You have a pool and a hot tub that always guarantee your year-round access to outdoor pleasuretopia. Population: you.

Savvy leisure enjoyer that you are, you already know you have to prepare your pool and spa for each season. But that goes beyond Googling “how to open pool for summer” every spring. It also means furnishing comfortable spots to lounge in!

Tighten your towels, pool fans, because we’re coming in hot with our ultimate guide to transitioning your outdoor space for seasonal comfort.



Sheryl Crow knew just what to do with the sun: soak it up. We bet the lady is doing it right now at her 152-acre farm home in Tennessee.

You probably don’t have Crow money, but you do share the same sun as her. You just need pool and patio furniture that’ll help you enjoy it the right way!

Paradise Patio, Pool & Spa has already identified the best pool and patio furniture manufacturers. By zero coincidence, they are also the same brands we offer for sale: Ledge Lounger and Alfresco Home.

Ledge Lounger’s outdoor furniture is just as durable as it is comfortable. Their in-pool seating, which includes chaises, barstools and daybeds, will let you fully enjoy your pool without one ounce of effort. Their Laze pillow and hammock are both brilliant ways to float and relax, or “floatax” as it’s commonly called in … let’s say France. Ledge Lounger also offers a wide range of tasteful outdoor furniture, as well as all-weather games that the kids are sure to love. Did somebody say cornhole?

If you’re really creating a mood, then you’ll want to look into Alfresco Home. They offer gorgeous patio and garden furniture for all styles and tastes, including full dining sets, lounge chairs, ottomans and benches. Alfresco Home’s fire pits, chimineas and fountains let you truly customize your outdoor living space. If you’ve ever wanted a pair of giant Chinese foo dogs to stand guard over your pool, Alfresco Home has you covered.

You don’t want to soak up too much sun, of course – especially while you’re eating all that good stuff you like to grill during the summer. That’s why you need a sturdy patio umbrella that won’t clash with your furniture, such as one from Ledge Lounger’s large and customizable collection.



When winter comes, the pool goes bye-bye. Your spa may have been well populated all summer, but when it gets cold out, that dreamy bowl of hot, bubby water becomes your outdoor living space’s sole attraction.

Creating a cozy hot tub retreat doesn’t require furniture. It’s all about the details – small things you can buy for added comfort and safety.

  • A screen, which will prevent the continental climate’s worst blasts from freezing your hair
  • A heated, electric mat to lay on the ground, which will prevent you from stepping on slick, icy concrete
  • Lanterns and candles, and perhaps even string lights, which will create a nice ambiance in addition to potentially scaring away raccoons
  • A towel cabinet, which will keep your towels dry and nearby
  • A hot tub cover, so you’re not spending ungodly amounts of money on electricity

If you’re transitioning your outdoor space for summer comfort, do it the right way. Complete your assemblage of pool and patio furniture with a great chaise, sectional, coffee table, or any other seat where you can soak up the Midwest’s prime sunshine. Come visit our showroom at 1200 W 41st St Sioux Falls to see what we’re talking about, or contact us today to learn more!