Nothing beats an extended, relaxing soak in your spa after another long day of tolerating planet Earth’s absolute nonsense. Spa time feels so good that it would be worthwhile even if it didn’t come with several potential health benefits.

But it does. Spa hydrotherapy’s perks include relief from arthritis, high blood pressure, sore muscles, aching joints, anxiety, and stress. Is there any wonder why doctors often recommend going to the spa – even going back thousands of years?

What Is Hydrotherapy?

In the simplest terms, hydrotherapy is the practice of water immersion to treat any kind of condition. Hydrotherapy does not necessarily entail soaking in warm water, as cold water is also known to invigorate the body and stimulate the senses. Alternating between soaking in hot and cold water may also help to heal injuries and reduce inflammation.

But submerging oneself in cold water is nearly universally regarded as unpleasant, so hot water is by far the most popular type of hydrotherapy.

The urge to soak in warm water predates history. The ancient Romans constructed their own heated bathhouses, as did the Chinese as long ago as 1,000 BC. Even monkeys will practice spa hydrotherapy when presented with a hot spring. Fred and Wilma most certainly joined in as well.

In other words, we have intuitively sought out spa hydrotherapy since long before scientists began to identify its real benefits. So what are they, specifically?

Spa Hydrotherapy May Help Relieve Pain

A heated compress is a common home remedy for chronic conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and lower back pain. Spa hydrotherapy can be equally effective, as the warm water causes vasodilation which in turn promotes the delivery of more blood, oxygen, and nutrients to damaged tissues. In essence, spa hydrotherapy helps the body supply more of its own healing power to any parts that need it most. Increased blood flow may even help to rehabilitate injured muscle tissues!

Spa Hydrotherapy May Help Reduce Blood Pressure

When vasodilation occurs, the blood vessels within the body widen. Increased blood flow is accompanied by a reduction in blood pressure, making spa hydrotherapy a practical home treatment for hypertension. Taking steps to reduce your blood pressure may also reduce your chances of suffering a stroke, heart attack, and kidney disease. (Please ask your doctor if spa hydrotherapy is safe before using it to treat any health condition you might have.)

Spa Hydrotherapy May Help Boost the Immune System

Increased blood flow throughout the body brings yet another benefit: an improved immune system. White blood cells are able to do a better job of attacking the foreign bodies which cause disease when they can move about more freely. The lymphatic system, which removes waste products before they can accumulate inside your cells and soft tissues, becomes more effective with increased circulation as well!

Spa Hydrotherapy May Promote Natural Detoxification

Your body primarily utilizes its liver and kidneys to detoxify itself. But when these organs become overwhelmed, the body has no choice but to store toxins within fat. Fortunately, your body has a secondary system for eliminating toxins: sweating.

In addition to exercise, soaking in hot water is a great way to raise your body temperature and enjoy a detoxifying sweat. People often overlook just how much they sweat while they’re in a spa simply because they can’t see it, but sitting in 102° water for just one hour can make you sweat up to three pints. (Be sure to stay hydrated!)

Spa Hydrotherapy May Help Reduce Stress

Soaking in warm water causes your body release to endorphins, which are natural chemicals that have an effect similar to opioids. Endorphins are also responsible for the phenomenon known as “runner’s high”. In addition to boosting pleasure, endorphins also effectively reduce the sensation of pain.

But we don’t need to delve too deep into the science of endocrinology to explain how spa hydrotherapy reduces stress. When you’re melting away in a spa, do you know what you’re not doing? Working. Paying bills. Watching the news about the latest horrible thing to happen in the world. (And if you are, that’s your own fault.) A spa is nothing less than a few hundred gallons of paradise on earth. That means zero worries, zero stress.

You deserve that, and if you live in the greater Sioux Falls area then we want to help you get it. Paradise Patio, Pool & Spa offers Dimension One Spas, whose aquatic refuges are perfect no matter your space or budget. Whether you’re interested in adding a spa to your home for its health benefits – or its party benefits – then we welcome you to contact us today!