It’s not a hot tub. It’s a spa – the perfect place to retreat to when the world invents new ways to frustrate and annoy you on a seemingly daily basis.

Paradise Patio, Pool & Spa of Sioux Falls, SD carries spas by Dimension One Spas that are guaranteed to make you forget reality ever existed in the first place. But no spa is perfect right out of the box. You need a few choice accessories to turn that warm, bubbling tub of bliss into a place of veritable sublimity. Here are our top picks.


Booster Seat

Not all of us are tall enough to play for the Timberwolves. If you are not tall, sitting in a spa may feel like an exercise in keeping your chin above water. You no longer have to feel like a missionary sitting in a boiling cauldron once you have added a simple spa-friendly booster seat to your personal refuge. A soft booster seat only provides greater comfort!



Some of us are tall enough to play for the Timberwolves. If strangers frequently ask you to help them reach products on the top shelves at grocery stores, you may need a headrest to comfortably lean back while your spa works its magic. No matter your height, a simple spa pillow always creates greater comfort.


Aqua Tray

Do you know what makes the spa experience even more delightful? That’s right – snacks. An inexpensive aqua tray will keep your snacks precisely where you can enjoy them. The only hard part is picking out which snack you would most like to eat.


Cup Holder

A nice cold drink makes a nice hot soak all the more rewarding. But don’t risk spilling your chocolate milk into your spa! Install a simple cup holder and rest assured your spa’s water will remain clean and otherwise devoid of chocolate milk (or whichever beverage you prefer).

While we hate to be the fun police, we do feel obligated to point out that the CDC advises against enjoying alcoholic beverages before or during a spa experience.


Unbreakable Glassware

Have you ever noticed that public pools have signs forbidding glass bottles? That’s because glass shards are virtually invisible when they are underwater. Keep your tender tootsies safe and unlacerated by exclusively using unbreakable glassware in and around your spa. It beats the heck out of completely draining the tub after an accident!



It’s not the most attractively named spa accessory, but the Scumbug is worth its weight in gold. The insect-shaped sponge is able to absorb 40 times its weight in body oils and lotions merely by floating around in the water. Once you rinse it out, it’s ready to last another season. A Scumbug can significantly extend the lifespan of any spa’s filtration system!



The Consumer Product Safety Commission advises against sitting in spa water that is hotter than 104 °F. Pregnant women and children should avoid soaking in water that exceeds 100 °F. The conclusion you should draw from this information is simple enough: buy yourself a nice pool thermometer and keep your spa’s water safe!



A spa umbrella won’t just protect your beautiful, sensitive face from the sun’s brutal ultraviolet rays. It will also prevent leaves and other debris from falling into your spa, where they will muddy up its water and putting needless strain on its filter. Better yet, an umbrella will prevent rain from acidifying your spa water and diluting its chlorine concentration.


Towel Bar

This one doesn’t beg very much explanation. If you would rather keep your towel within arm’s reach, then you just can’t do without a towel bar.


Cover Lifter

Depending on its size, a decent spa cover typically weighs between 50 and 75 pounds. That’s pretty heavy. But once you’ve invested in a quality spa cover lifter, such as the E-Z lifter by Dimension One Spas, you’ll be able to uncover your little piece of paradise in a single fluid motion.


If you’re tricking out the ultimate spa in the greater Sioux Falls, SD area, then we welcome you to come visit Paradise Patio, Pool & Spa’s showroom on 1200 W 41st St in Sioux Falls. You may also contact us today to ask about what we have in stock or can special order for you!