“I would give a thousand furlongs of sea for an acre of barren ground.” – Shakespeare


It’s not just a backyard. It’s a part of your home, and it is possibly the best part because you can do wholesome outdoor things there. Grilling up a feast for your family. Watching your kids do cannonballs into the pool and then reassuring them that you watched. Laughing at the dog when he falls in the pool – or running to fish him out of the pool, if he is not a strong swimmer.


You deserve to enjoy life’s precious moments in your dream backyard. And having one is easy! It just needs a few key features.




Imagine this: Only 1.3% of American kids went swimming on a regular basis in 2019. We can understand why city kids don’t get out swimming too often. Their houses don’t have nice, big backyards unless their parents are made of money, so they haven’t got backyard pools.


Fortunately we live in Sioux Falls, SD, where an average Joe or Jane can still buy a nice piece of land and put down roots. (City folk call us “flyover country” because they’re jealous of our nice, big backyards.) That means you can give your kids fond memories of swimming during their summers home from school. And naturally, you’ll have plenty of pool fun yourself!


Which type of pool should you choose: above-ground, or in-ground? That is the age-old question. If you want the pool that is semi-permanent, less expensive, and faster to install, then an above-ground pool may be your better option. Above-ground pools are often the only practical option for smaller backyards as well.


If you have a large enough backyard and are comfortable with the greater investment, then you can appreciate the advantages of an in-ground pool. It will have a more positive effect on your home value. It doesn’t intrude on the scenery. It is more customizable, more durable, and, if we’re being fair, a little more fun to play in to boot. 


Hot Tub


The hot tub? That’s not for the kids. That’s your domain. You need it for de-stressing, muscle relaxation, pain relief, and other health benefits. And even if your spa couldn’t help you live longer, it would still be your favorite retreat from everything you dislike. Just turn it on, pour yourself a delicious beverage, tune the radio to your favorite station (or listen to music on your phone like everyone else), and achieve the perfect mellow in 101 °F water.


Before taking the plunge, take care that all hot tubs aren’t created equal. The best are made by Dimension One Spas. They offer everything from a budget-friendly two-seater base model to a deluxe 10-seat pleasure experience


With Dimension One Spas, it’s easy to get only the features you want. There’s the UltraLounge massage seat, a “spa-within-a-spa” that provides the ultimate in whole-body hydrotherapy. There’s the Dynamic Massage Sequencer with six pre-programmed massage combinations, as well as individual controls for each jet. And if you’re trying to set a certain mood in your hot tub, consider adding Liquid FX – colorful arches of water that would look right at home on the Vegas Strip.


Patio Furniture


Your dream backyard obviously has a grill and a patio. After all, in what kind of dream can you not enjoy burgers in a pleasant outdoor ambiance?


Just make sure you get great patio furniture, which is another way of recommending Ledge Lounger. Their American-made patio furniture is featured at luxury hotels and resorts across the world because it is durable, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing!


With Ledge Lounger, you can complete your patio space with the same styles of furniture you would choose for indoors. In addition to Adirondack chairs and chaise lounges, they offer sectional couches, credenzas, coffee tables and chairs, and dining tables and chairs. Ledge Lounger even makes it possible to add an all-weather ping-pong table to your backyard!

Are you creating your dream backyard in the greater Sioux Falls, SD area? Contact Paradise Patio, Pool & Spa today! We provide in-ground and above-ground pools of all shapes and sizes. We offer Dimension One Spas indescribably soothing hot tubs. We put Ledge Lounger’s entire catalog of high-quality patio furniture at your fingertips. We’ll help make your idea of paradise a reality. Paradise is our first name!